industrial mortiser


A slotting machine designed for working on metal is an equipment by which it is possible to process hard-to-reach places in metal parts. The main purpose of such industrial mortiser , which belongs to the category of highly specialized, is the creation of elements of a different profile, which is accomplished by taking out the metal. Along with professional ones, there are self-made machines of this type, but the principle of their work is practically the same.
Both professional and homemade slotting machines consist of the same structural elements, which allow such equipment to effectively perform all the functions assigned to it. The basis of any slotting machine is a frame on which its other structural elements are attached: a working table, a tool — a tool with sharp teeth, a rocker mechanism, a feed box, a drive that can be mechanical, electrical and hydraulic.

The hydraulic drive is equipped with serial slotting machines, which are considered professional equipment. Work on this, more advanced equipment, due to the availability of hydraulic drive is much easier and more convenient. A homemade metal chipping machine has a simpler design, but it can successfully cope with many technological operations.

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